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Following are some interesting things to look at

Quick References

  • Normal Ranges for Horses and Foals
    This quick reference sheet provides normal ranges for some key vital signs for horses.
  • Colic Information
    Tips on how to detect collic and what to do before and after the vet is on site.
  • Deworming Information
    Information on new methods for deworming.
  • Vaccination Information
    Information on vaccination schedules
  • Blister Beetles
    Information on Blister Beetles during summer.  The top part of their bodies look like ants.  Most around this area are black, but there has been more of the red and black horizontal striped ones this 2014 summer. Do not squash them, the toxins will stay on the surface of the ground or stall--try to get them into plastic bags and seal them up and throw them away.  Keep them out of the water troughs and feed.
  • Toxic Weeds
    Information on toxic weeds to keep out of your pastures. Two common weeds are Silverleaf Nightshade and Fiddleneck.