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Thursdays are Fecal Analysis Days!  On Thursdays, fecal analysis for ova and parasites (worms) are done.  Bring in fresh or refrigerated stool samples in ziploc bags with your horse's name.  Dr. Dickinson will call with numbers of ova and recommendations for specific wormers to be used.  Please do not leave the stools in the mailbox on the weekends or holidays.  Thank you.


October is Float Month!  Powerfloats will be on sale....Call the office for details, and schedule early to get in on this deal.  You may want to call nearby horse friends to get a split call charge!

LC powerfloat

Remember spring and fall vaccinations for your equine friends, especially if you travel much with them or take them to shows around other horses.  When administered by Dr. Dickinson, then the horse will receive a complimentary health check exam and teeth check for floats.  Vaccines administered by the veterinarian have the manufacturer guarantee.  Protect your horse!